Star Party!

Bowen Island Astronomy Club Presents:

First Annual Perseid Meteor Shower Star Party!

Come and join the Bowen Island Astronomy Clubs first annual star party!

We will be gathering to watch the greatest show off earth, the summertime annual Perseid Meteor Shower!

The meteor shower will peak on the night of Friday the 12th, with falling star counts predicted to possibly be as high as 100 meteors per hour! This is the best meteor shower of many throughout the year so please come down and join us at the Crippen Park horse riding area at approximately 10:30 PM. Bring lawn chairs, blankets or matts to lay on, hot chocolate or coffee,snacks, blankets to keep warm, bug spray, your binoculars and telescopes if you have them as this an excellent large sky and dark spot on Bowen Island. Please keep your flashlights pointed at the ground when you arrive so we can keep our eyes dark adapted to better see the fainter meteors.

This is a family event with an emphasis on sharing, learning, and appreciating the beauty that nature has to offer us. Do please look up and be alert for Perseid meteors, during the hours of darkness in the nights before and after.

All Volunteers and Organizers Welcome!

Please contact David Wilde (

Don’t miss the greatest show off earth!
We hope to see you there!
(This is a fair-weather event & will be cancelled if rain or full on cloud obscure the view)