Observing Night/s

The newly formed “Bowen Island Astronomy Group” will be observing on either Friday or Saturday night depending on the weather conditions. The weather network says clear skies but a quick look outdoors says cloudy and poor seeing conditions at this moment. The moon should be under the horizon long enough for us to observe a few star clusters, Jupiter and it’s moons, and maybe even the Andromeda galaxy if conditions permit. A few stray meteors from the Perseid Meteor Shower may still be glimpsed as well.

You dont have to be a member, or have any knowledge to come out and enjoy some beautiful views of the sky through a telescope. And if you do have a lot then please come out and share it with us. Bring some hot chocolate and don’t forget the kids! It will be our pleasure to share it.

Please call me at 9064 if you would like to join us for a view and tour of the heavens as seen from the Cates Park Field just below the Tir-Na-Nog theatre at around 10:30PM. Please turn off your vehicle headlights as you enter the parking area as we would like our eyes to stay dark adapted for viewing. Red flashlights are welcome.

I would like to send a special thank you to the Otter family for donating a 4.5 inch reflecting telescope and mount to the new astronomy club. It is a great edition to the telescope that Jim Crawford gifted to me in the name of community service, and will make a great starter telescope for the younger members and viewers. It will be much loved and used by many lovers of the night sky.

Hope to see you then,
Clear skies to you!