Public Observing, Sunday 28th 10PM, Cates Hill Park

Come out to Cates Hill Park Sunday night at 10PM to enjoy some fine dark sky views of the heavens on the eve of the new moon. Seeing should be at it’s finest with no moonlight to speak of. I will be giving a brief talk on the true size of the Universe that we see in our sky so that people can get a feel for how big it truly is. We will be also trying to get a glimpse of a very rare event, the supernova in galaxy M101, right above the handle of the Big Dipper, also known as Ursa Major. We should be able to see a large number of objects from galaxies to star clusters, globular clusters, and nebulae. Jupiter is also on display at around 1100-1130. Bring your binoculars, telescopes, star maps and RED FLASHLIGHTS. Use of any type of white light is really discouraged, as our eyes become “dark adapted” we can see fainter and fainter objects. That sensitivity can be taken away in an instant by looking at ANY source of light. But oddly enough, red light does not affect it. So we ask people to get red flashlights, or to wrap red plastic or cellophane over there white flashlights. Parking your vehicle up hill, or turning into the parking lot away from viewers also helps us keep our night vision intact.

Hope to see all the new members there!

Clear Skies & Happy Star Trails!



One thought on “Public Observing, Sunday 28th 10PM, Cates Hill Park

  1. My 8 year old daughter and I had a most memorable experience with David and the universe. I felt like we were the only three people in the world lucky enough to see all the sights… I could hardly sleep last night. I’m hooked. Thank you David, and thank you Colleen – I loved seeing her so engaged and so in awe. See you next time!

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