Astro Courses

We will be putting on astronomy classes in the very near future after we get a better idea of the numbers needed. Feel free to post comments requesting what you would like to learn.

Star Gazing 101. Learn to identify the basic constellations for each season. Learn about the planets & there moons in our solar system, stars, nebulae & galaxies. Star Hopping as a method of finding objects. Binocular use & telescope use. Suitable for all ages.

Advanced Telescope Use, theory, types, maintenance, care, collimation, history of telescope development, and how to chose the right first telescope BEFORE you bye it.

Please indicate which class and how many in your family would like to take it. Also state which days of the week would be suitable for you.

Leave a comment here, or call David @ 9064 to discuss class availability.

Thank you!





3 thoughts on “Astro Courses

  1. David, Colleen and I would eagerly like to enroll in the first class. Thursdays would be ideal. Mondays or Tuesdays are the only other options for us. Please let us know. !!!

  2. Oh, aren’t I difficult! I have now changed my ideal meeting night if it was adults only to Friday or Saturday, as I don’t have Colleen. Truly the only nights that would be literally impossible are Wednesdays and Sundays. I could make the others work, but would have to get a sitter or bring her with me. 🙂 Can’t wait!

  3. I know this maybe far too late, but did any of these classes ever take place or plan to be run in the near future?

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